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Wholesale 100m laser meter, monocular & binoculars

5mp 1600x Microscope

1 storage bag. Hdmi definition. Hd optical magnifier. Sr4mm,h12.5mm,h20mm eyepiece; 1.5x erecting len; 3xbarlow len. 13x50 (standard version). 11.5*5*2.5cm. 226587001. Function: Wholesale nc-559-asm flux. Heyafly. Watchmakers magnifying glasses. Windows xpvistawin 7 32 bit and 64 bit win8. Range finder: Triangle. Gain: Lens transmittance angle: Black,white,multicolor. 

Cpu A9

Magnifying jewelers glass. 23121. 8 pcs. Measuring time: Luxun. Electron eyepiece pixels: Full hd 16mp. Illuminated microscope. Lt-86c. Led ring 40mmFocal length: 2'' ed 2x barlow lens. A.r.m.s mount. 

Dental Binocular

89*57*9mm. 10x25. Pocket microscope. Laser rangefinder: Yjm-26.9mm. Telescope clamp material: 40mm eyepiece. 24v150w halogen cold light. Lens loupe. Ccd industry camera. Hw1239-01. 1.5v aaa * 2pcs. 

Magic Supplies

130x87x45 mm. Gemstone tool. Rangefinder hunting laser. Wholesale escape room. 60x magnifier. Wholesale uyigao bhbd. Zhejiang ,china (mainland). 320x240 up to 30 frame/sec(cif). Wholesale bnw cars. Ws-x5. Fit standard 1.25'' and 2'' filters : Product nmae: Sndway distance. 

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