New 600m 6X Telescope Laser Rangefinder Laser Distance Meter Handheld Monocular Golf Hunting Range Finder

astronomers telescope, square right angle ruler try

196ft 60m

9*9*4. Telescope eyepiece. Frutti. 18240. Wholesale tools laser. 40*60. Effective diameter: Operating tempreture: Green line laser levelling. Objective caliber: Prism type : Tape measure in meter. Telemetre. 37mm mounting. 100 glassTelescope double. 118*54*28mm /4.65*2.12*1.10inch. 

Brass Monocular

Lv-503. Optical zoom magnifier. Hys023. 60°. Use: Glasses military. Volume add/subtract. Diagonal telescope. 75cm ring optical fiber. Acrylic. Laser engraving machine lxj9060. Adjustable. Infinity plan achromatic. 

Army Grade

About 7.5*2.5cm. 4.5mm. 20-133x. 7x50 binoculars. Aluminium cardholder. 9a30014. 15x-45x80. Camera high speed. 5mp microscope camera. Cheerbright. Vision night riflescope. 

Tools Model Building

Plastic, leather, metal, glass lenses. Co2 laser cutting and engraving. Face and body. ±0.3°. Focal length: 1500m-7500m. Solar radiater. Lens  reflector. Objective lens focal length (f): Loupe 10x led. 500x 8led usb digital microscope. 190 * 83 * 28mm. 3.5x. 

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