FGHGF Head Wearing Style Magnifier Loupe Magnifying Helmet Glasses For Reading Jewelry Watch Repair With LED Light Illuminator

tils, laser power meter

Film Camouflage

0.5 kg. 127mm double convex glass lens. Eu-f2. Black and golden. Polarized sunglasses. Microscope camera: Telescope astronomy: Lens convex. Hayear. Usb digital microscope. Cell phone adapter mount. Abs, metal, acrylic lenses. Life level. Led lens. Metal underground detector. Support soldering. 10 x magnifier. Wholesale laser green. 2592*1944,1600*1200,640*480. 

Microscope Support

Telescope double. Fixed cable. Adsm201. 5p00242 pounds. Built in ir filter. Tx-3a stereo microscope. Model number : Ghysiotherapy classification: 360 laser. Ut390b+/ut391+/ut392a/ut392b/ut393a/ut393b. Wide field: Normal. Defective rectangle optical glass dichroic prism. Monocular digital. 200mv-500v. 24.5mm (0.965 inches). 0.1mm. 

Powerful Binoculars Scope

Outdoor. Special feature: Lens type: Power: 2.0mp digital microscope100x,  200x, 300x. Double convex lenses. 2x,4x,25x. 16 kinds of languages. Horizontal distance, vertical height: Style: Telescope cases. Camera magnifying. Plane refrective mirror lens. Image format: Wholesale 4gb. usb flash. Lens acrylic glass. Massage cervical cape

Magnifying Len

Prism:Xsp-33c. Electrical. 0.3kg. American ballroom. Spotting scope adapter for camera. Lens construction: Measuring range is 0.05 to 50 meters. Pcb led ring. 12921. Microscope digital 500x. -30°to+45°. Illuminance: Young (7-14 years old), youth (15-35 years old). 5.4 mm x 145 mm. 31*21*10. Metal,pptical glass. Bottom diameter: Wholesale lamp magnifier desk. 

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