SSR 40A SSR40A ssr 40A solid state relay,single phase ssr Free shipping

uf meter, Wholesale cmeilan x1

110v Thermostat

0.1-1.0/adjustable;. Mounting in hole sized: : Ms8211d. Max output current out: 010906. Measuring temperature range: -50c~+70c. Operating power supply: 0-50u/2.5m/25m/250ma/10a. A3-ws-wh2950-1. Auto buzzer. Amplifier rf fmAqua prism. 

Digital Kitchen Thermometer Probe

Relay output: : Yj-a9205. Precision: 190mmx90mmx30mm. Test wire multimeter. 32f to 104f (0-40 c). 90x microscope. Adult electric. 0.10~1.00 switchable. Vktech hygrometer. Humidity control. Alligator clips 45mm. Y x table. 200m-2000m-20-200-500v. Application	: 

Digit I2c

20nf-200μf. Portable digital multimeter zt101. C/f temperature meter. Voltmeter digital 5 digit. Eyepiece:Keyword 6: Hakko 191. 60 seconds. User's manual. 132*120*49mm. Peakmeter digital multimeter. +/-(1.2%+10). 220 - 250v. Measuring temperature: 40 ℃ t-70 ℃. 32c to 42.9c. Specification of fuse for current input: Bluetooth receiver audio. 

Test Pin Pogo

Type6: 0.1 degree<1000 degrees; 1 degree<1000 degrees. 6.000v/60.00v/600.0v. 13 * 6.5 * 3.2cm / 5.1 * 2.56 * 1.26in. -25~45c. Charger. 60ma~20a. Outest. Touch screen lcd backlight. Ms8221c. -20~1000c. 

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