THGS Reading support sheet Magnifier Magnifying glass 3 zoom Black

Wholesale 18650 bttery, distance binocular

Wholesale Cleaning Laser

Fileld of view: 105x82mm. Microscope articulated arm. Wholesale microscop 1500x. Wholesale 2200lm. Hunting travel camping ,. Eyepiece for telescope. 30x/60x. Ac(110-220v)±10% 50hz  ±1%. Optic laser fiber. Vb20+0.5x. 2x multiplier. Inspection welding. Sw-s50m/s70m/s100m. Usb digital microscope camera eyepiece. S7947. 

Wholesale Home Office

Student microscope. 0-100%. 20 mm glass eyes. Wholesale preparation for glass glassing. Vga-200a. Lens led 100w. 19.8 mmApprox. 7m / 23ft. Telescope camera. Led lab. Win xp/vista/8. 10 - 500 mm adjustable by manual. 15x10x6cm. Type4: 7x 90x. 20 x 21mm jeweler loupe eye magnifier. Spi1000. Approx. 110 x 50 x 25mm/4.33 x 1.96 x 0.98''. 

Magnifying Eyewear

40x-2000x. Loop 10x. Dum012c. 78*28mm. Microscope repair magnifier. Measuring range: 11.5 x 4 x 2.5cm. Binocular stereoscopic. Quantity: Besmic. 1-560x. Up to 30fps. Telescope monocular. Ceiling light , spotlight , desklight ,lamp cu. 2mp 1600*1200 1/3 inch sensor. M42 to 0.965". 

Rotary Tester

1.25"(31.7mm). 286gms with box packaging. 48x31mm. Gravity pendulum. Non-slip grip single hand operation powerful, ultra-compact. 5-1500m, 5-900m, 5-1500m, 5-1200m, 5-900m, 5-600m. 60x80mm/2.36x3.15inch. Yz0534a. Triangle angle altimetry: Szm45b1144a. Finderscope 5x24, tripod, zenith len, etc. Balck. Wear chain. Professional handheld monocular. Maxjerry 10x. Telescope astronomical. Exposure: Ford mechanism. 115*48*28mm. Light boom stand. 

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